ACS Cobham University Parent Network

The ACS Cobham University Parent Network was started by a group of parents with the support of the ACS College Counselling Department. Our aim is to develop stronger relationships between the ACS Cobham community and universities worldwide in order to enrich current and future educational opportunities for all of our students. To make this venture a success for our school community, we need the support of as many parents as possible.


The ACS Cobham University Parent Network aims include:

  • Creating and maintaining a database of global universities attended by members of our parent community.
  • Helping to establish a communications channel for parents so that they know when their university is coming to campus, and encourage them to attend.
  • Developing and training a core group of parents to provide extra support to the College Counselling Department at various times throughout the year, and to offer an additional welcome to visiting university recruiters.
  • Encouraging parents to become active with their university alumni network if they are not already, to re-establish or enforce ties.
  • Long term, by providing a list of ACS parents whom interested students may contact to learn more about the university they attended.


Your involvement can be as little or as much as you want!

  • Join our database listing your collegiate background.
  • Whenever possible, attend presentations at ACS Cobham given by your university, providing a welcome to the school and a source of information for students who also attend.
  • Sign up for activities with your university’s local alumni chapter.  This can include signing up to the chapter, attending events or signing up to be an interviewer.

The role of the ACS Cobham University Parent Network is continuing to evolve, and we welcome any new volunteers!  If you would like to help us develop the Network, be trained as an official welcomer, or need any more information, please contact Liz Holloway and Betsy Snyder at

ACS Cobham University Parent Network Coordinators

Liz Holloway & Betsy Snyder