The PSO runs a set of sign posts coming into ACS Cobham.  These are mostly used to advertise PSO events such as Trunk or Treat or Party for the Planet to parents.  However, from time to time other parts of the ACS Cobham community are welcome to use these sign posts to advertise their upcoming events such as a school play, sports tryouts, parent talks etc.

If you would like to use the sign posts you need to:

1. book the signposts through the PSO Supply and Marking Manager, this is first come first served but the PSO reserves priority for its events.  You can book either 4 or 8 driveway sign posts plus a single sign post for the pedestrians and cyclists.

2. create and print appropriate signs

  • A3 paper, landscape
  • High contrast (ideally large bold black print on a white background)
  • Extra large, bold print
  • Key words only
  • One sign with all the info on one A3 landscape page for the pedestrian/cyclist sign post

3. put the signs into plastic wallets and ensure they are fastened properly to the sign posts with binder clips.

4. remove the signs at the end of your allotted time to advertise.

Please email to book the sign posts for  your upcoming event.

Check the calendar to see what is free!