Welcome to Early Childhood

As Early Childhood (EC) Liaisons we hope to make you feel welcome and we are responsible for clear communication between EC parents, the PSO and EC Administration.  In doing this, we work very closely with the Home Room Coordinators in each EC class. We are looking forward to meeting you all and feel free to approach either of us whenever you have questions or concerns.

Emily Scanlon

Emily lives in Coombe, Kingston, with her husband, Chris, and their three daughters, Belén (Grade 4), Eliana (Kindergarten), and Lillian (Flopsy Bunny). We love good food and traveling, especially visiting our family in Utah and Florida. This is our second year at ACS.

Emily Scanlon

Early Childhood Liaison

Welcome to Lower School

The Lower School (LS) Liaisons work with the Homeroom Coordinators in grades 1 through 4.  We are responsible for ensuring smooth communication between the LS parents, the PSO, and the LS administration.  Throughout the year we will ask you for feedback regarding your experience with LS and for any questions or concerns you would like to have addressed.  You are always welcome to bring any concerns to us as they arise.  We look forward to meeting the new families and reconnecting with the returning families for another great year.


Alexa is originally from New York State. She started her life abroad in London and moved back to the UK in the summer of 2020 after living in Norway, Belgium and Germany. Her husband Rami and she have three kids at ACS, Cecilia (grade 8) and twins Ollie and Milo (grade 4).

Alexa Rezelman Sabanegh

Lower School Liaison

My name is Celina Krupski-Corak and my 2 children, Sabine (Gr 9) and Stefan (Gr 4) started at ACS in 2020. I am originally from Australia, joined the oilfield as a graduate engineer and have been moving ever since. As an expatriate family, we move often and are grateful for the hospitality and welcome of our host country. We are thrilled to be in the UK and are eager to experience life here, in the post-covid world!

Celina Krupski-Corak

Lower School Liaison

Welcome to Middle School

The Middle School (MS) Liaisons work as a team to represent each grades 5 through 8.  We work to improve communication between MS parents, PSO and MS administration.  We work with the MS student council to host several fun evenings for the kids and will be asking for feedback or questions for the MS Administration in our quarterly feedback. We are here to help so please do not hesitate to contact us should you ever have any questions or concerns. We look forward to meeting you and to having a wonderful year in middle school!


We joined ACS in August 2020 after living in Ghana, West Africa, for 5 years. Myself and my husband, Jonathan, were born in South Africa and lived there for most of our lives. Our son Oscar, is going into Grade 5. Since moving to the UK in 2020, I have been volunteering at the British Red Cross. If I have spare time, I enjoy sewing and painting or generally being creative.

Susan Norton

Grade 5 Liaison

We are an Austrian family living in London for the past 20+ years. Our children all joined ACS during the 2020/21 school year and are currently in Grade 2 (Vicky), Grade 4 (Alex) and Grade 5 (Max). Both my husband’s and my professional backgrounds are in banking and management consulting. As a family we enjoy skiing, more skiing, reading and cooking. I am looking forward to an exciting year, and I will do my best to getting to know and support the 5th grade parents.

Astrid Woloszczuk

Grade 5 Liaison

Caroline DeLaney

Grade 6 Liaison
Waleed 2 Cropped

I'm Waleed AlMoajil, Our son Harry joined ACS in January 2018 in the 2nd Grade. We moved back to the UK after 14 years of living in Washington DC. Being back home has been marvellous since the day we landed, and ACS has made it even more wonderful. Harry as taken to ACS like fish to water; he's growing and blossoming into a wonderful young man. I look forward to supporting and assisting ACS parents in my role as 5th Grade PSO liaison. Warmest welcome to all. Onwards and Upwards.

Waleed AlMoajil

Grade 6 Liaison
Tara 1

My name is Tara Ritchie and my daughter, Lulu, is in the 7th grade. I am originally from Australia but have settled indefinitely (?!) in England. We have been at ACS Cobham since 2007 with a 3 years posting midway to Houston and Sydney before returning in 2017. Two of my children have graduated from ACS Cobham and I have a son in the High School. I’m really looking forward to a great year for all of us and especially for our children.

Tara Ritchie

Grade 7 Liaison

Welcome Everyone. My name is Karina Sharp and my son Alexander joined ACS in 1st Grade. My passport says I’m German but I was born in Malaysia and grew up in Singapore only moving to London in 1994 to attend University. I look forward to meeting you all and working together to make 7th Grade a great year for our children.

Karina Sharp

Grade 7 Liaison
Crosby 2

Crosby is originally from Los Angeles, but has lived in Esher with her family for 9 years. Her three children joined ACS in 2019 after going to British schools for eight years. Kelly and Billy are twins in 8th grade, and Kate is in 10th grade. She looks forward to getting to know you all better while working as 8th grade liaison.

Crosby Burke

Grade 8 Liaison

Jasmyn is originally from the Netherlands but has lived most of her life in France, Biarritz where her husband is from. Her family has moved in 2018 to Cobham for school education. She has three children, Paul who is at Reed’s school and at ACS Arthur in 8th grade and Ines in 11th grade. She looks forward to getting involved as an 8th grade liaison and to getting to know you.

Jasmyn Inchauspé

Grade 8 Liaison

Welcome to High School

Our role is to act as facilitators of communication between the High School (HS) administration, the HS Academic & College Counseling Department and the parents of your grade level. We are the parents’ link to the PSO board; and we also support the Head of Year’s, the Advisors, and the HS student council as needed. Among others, this is achieved by co-arranging formal HS Information Meetings by grades, organising informal information sessions, coffees/lunches, by keeping parents informed by email, and by regularly meeting/communicating with the Principal, Assistant Principal, the Academic Deans and the College Counsellors etc., and the student council throughout the year.


My name is Maria Herrlin and I am originally from Sweden but have lived in the UK for 23 years. We have twins, Viktor and Alexandra starting 9th grade this year. We also have a cockapoo called Millie. This will be our 13th year at ACS Cobham. My husband Peter is also Swedish and has lived in the UK for 41 years! He has an enormous passion for Sport and as one of the two PSO Sports Liasions do not be surprised if you bump into him on our sports fields! We look forward to entering into our last division at ACS!

Maria Herrlin

Grade 9 Liaison

My name is Mabelle Gerritsen and we are from the Netherlands. My husband Vincent is also from the Netherlands. This will be our 8th year at ACS and our boys Noah & Josh will be in 9th grade and 6th grade. We have a yellow Labrador called Bo. We are a very sporty family and love to play golf, football, surfing, kitesurfing, skiing and so much more. Looking forward to an exciting year at ACS!

Mabelle Gerritsen

Grade 9 Liaison

My name is Ashley and I moved to the UK from the US with my family in August 2020. We live in Kingston upon Thames near Richmond Park but also spend a ton of time in both Esher and Cobham. Morgan (12th grade), Campbell (10th grade) and Carson (7th grade) have truly enjoyed ACS Cobham and are looking forward to a more “normal” year for the 2021-2022 school year. In our free time we can be found outdoors running, watching the kids play football and walking our two dogs.

Ashley Stalker

Grade 10 Liaison

My name is Elsa Moreno. I’m from Mexico and live in Esher with my husband Alejandro, our daughter Isabel (11th grade), our son Patricio (8th grade) and Luna, our lovely black lab. This will be our second year at ACS and we look forward to a fun new school year.

Elsa Moreno

Grade 11 Liaison

My name is Muriel Damers. It is going to be our 4th year at ACS. I am French and my husband is Spanish. We have 4 kids at the school, Sophia in 12th, Sara in 11th, who are both following the AP path, Rafael in 9th and Victor in 6th grade. We also have a Cavachon called Max. We are naturalized Americans and our kids were all born in the USA. We enjoy traveling, and meeting people from different cultures. We are looking forward to this new school year!

Muriel Damers

Grade 12 Liaison

Hi, I am Cynthia Guven. I am from the U.S. and live in London with my husband, Erol, and our two children, Lucas (12th grade) and Sofía (11th grade), and my mother, Amalia. Our cute little dog, Oreo, also lives with us. We are very happy to be starting our third school year at ACS!

Cynthia Guven

Grade 12 Liaison


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