This committee was formed to discuss road safety questions for students traveling by foot and bicycle to and from school. The PSO is committed to ensuring that all road users are safe commuting to and from school and meet regularly with the school’s road safety committee to advance this cause.

Click the “Road Safety Presentation” for more information about improvements the Road Safety Committee has implemented at ACS Cobham and plans for the future!

It is the responsibility of everyone in our community to drive safely around other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. In response to a near miss on the bridge recently, the school has created a Accident Report Form to document incidents on the way to and from school in Cobham.  It should be returned to Francine O’Donnell in the Head of School’s Office.

Bridge Safety Etiquette


  • Do NOT overtake cyclists.
  • Do NOT drive on the Blue Pedestrian walkway.
  • The Speed on the bridge is 10mph.  Please slow or even stop to let pedestrians pass.
  • If possible, please fold in side mirrors when passing pedestrians on bridge
  • Stay off your mobile phone. IT’S THE LAW!


  • Use your hand signals to safely cross the road onto the bike path
  • Cycle on the bridge road not walkway.
  • Cycle with a maximum of 2 abreast.
  • Keep an ear free of earbuds or headphones to safety hear the traffic.

Committee Coordinator

Katerina Lusk