What is the PSO?

The PSO is the “Parent-School Organisation”.  All parents and staff at ACS Cobham International School are members.  We form a ‘supportive link’ between parents and the school, which enhances and contributes to the education of the students.  The PSO is led by the PSO Board, chaired by the PSO President.

Who is on the PSO Board?

The Board comprises of community elected parent volunteers who act as representatives for all parents, staff and students.  The PSO Executive Board consists of: the President, a VP, a Social and Events Coordinator, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and an IT Coordinator. There are Grade Liaisons (parent representatives for each grade level or division) for Early Childhood, Lower School, Middle School and High School. The Country Representative Group, the Welcome Team, the Sport Liaison, the Visual & Performing Arts Liaison and the Boarding House are represented, too.

How are the PSO Board Members Elected?

Each year in Feb/March, leaving members from the Board and one member-at-large form a Nominating Committee.  Anyone in our school community may suggest candidates for nomination. A parent may also nominate him/herself for a Board position.  After a majority vote by all present PSO members present at the PSO Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the last Parent Forum of the year (May), the PSO Board for the following school year is elected.

What are the objectives of the PSO?

  • To support and enrich the students’ learning experience, support communication among the entire ACS community and encourage a strong sense of community within the school.
  • To bring into closer relation the home and school to positively contribute toward the education of the child.
  • To provide all our members of different backgrounds and cultures with a representative, co-operative voice on campus.

How does the PSO work to meet its objectives?

In many different ways, but only by working together with a very large number of parents and staff who volunteer their help to achieve these objectives!

  • The PSO Board meets once a month. Each member has her/his area or group of responsibility, representing the interests of e.g. a grade level or a group who meet regularly among themselves. Among their responsibilities are to organise activities and events that benefit their group as much as possible.
  • The Board has formed several Special Purpose Committees, who run events such as the Halloween ‘Trunk-or-Treat’, ‘Staff Appreciation’, ‘Party for the Planet’, ‘8th grade Graduation’, ‘the Senior Committee’, ‘End-of-Year Staff Appreciation’, etc.
  • The PSO President represents the parents’ perspective by meeting regularly with the Head of School and Administration, and by sitting on a number of school committees.
  • The PSO Board also co-arranges the Parent Forums during the year led by the Head-of-School and Administrative Team, to which all parents are invited to learn about current school topics and to ask general questions.

What are…


Each student belongs to a Homeroom (HR), e.g. 4A or 8B. There are normally up to 20 students in a HR and a HR Teacher.  Each EC and LS homeroom has a parent coordinator.  The HR Coordinators are chosen by the PSO Liaison for each grade or division (EC, LS, MS and HS) in the beginning of every school year.


These PSO Board members act as a ‘communication link’ between parents/students and school. Any ideas and concerns of grade-wide or school-wide interest are channeled by the Grade Liaisons to the relevant Principals, or via the PSO Board who meets regularly with the Head-of-School and other Administrators.  The Grade Liaisons organise grade-wide events together with or for students and for parents. They arrange informational meetings (‘coffees’) for all parents of a grade or division, often together with the Principals/Administrative Team of the division.


The CRG representatives represent more than 45 country groups (out of approx. 60 nationalities at ACS Cobham).  The CRG functions as a channel of communication between school and home, and as a support for new and existing families. Information, ideas and concerns are communicated between the CRG, the PSO, and school.  The CRG work together with the PSO Welcome Team to welcome new families to school, so that they can meet other families of their own nationality, when possible.  The CRG coordinates the flag raising dates for all the countries represented at school, who wish to have their flag raised on campus, on e.g. their National Day.  The CRG help organise school-wide events, such as the International Food Court for the ‘Party for the Planet’ event (our biggest family event), and by creating and manning booths from many different countries at the great Lower School International Fair.


The WG welcomes new families to ACS Cobham all year round, and tries to ease newcomers’ transition into a new school and country. They provide each newcomer with a “buddy family”, should they wish to have one, who is there to support them and answer any questions.  On the Orientation Days, the WG and the CRG work together to help all newcomers with information, directions and answers.


This parent volunteer committee promotes and supports the visual and performing arts at ACS-Cobham. Works in partnership with the Administration, teachers and students to achieve excellence in all the art programmes in the LS, MS and HS. Supports fine arts’ events.


The Dorm Liaison liaises with the Boarding House staff about community issues and organise small gifts for each student on their birthday.