Zoy Sofianos








A cheery welcome to our South African families, old and new.  We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, as your ACS Country Representative for SA, Zoy Sofianos.

I look forward to an exciting year of festivities and fun, and showcasing our SA roots wherever I can!

Please note that I will be focussing on 4 major activities throughout this year:

 1)     The International Fair 

We will displaying a colourful stand of displays of images, food and games, from SA

 2)     The Staff Appreciate Lunch 

It allows us a time to cook for our valuable teachers and present to them the culinary delights from SA.

 3)     SA Flag Raising Day 

Hope to see you all there and with our Proudly SA flags, dress and cheer.

 4)     Party for the Planet 

Join us in celebrating our country that we are so proud of, by eating delightful SA food and treats.

ACS Native Language Program – we currently have Afrikaans lessons on a Wednesday after school at ACS. If you are fluent in any of our other 10 (excl. English), national languages, and are keen to teach it to our children, please do volunteer with Dlienielsen@acs-schools.com

Our joint CRG wish list is, to see all of us uniting and enjoying introducing and exhibiting our wonderful rainbow nation to the families at ACS.

So, join us in social gatherings, school volunteering programs and let us be heard and seen at school.