Cristina Giordano

Manuela Mezzasalma Mocci

Hello, my name is Cristina Giordano, this is my 9th year at ACS. My eldest son, Luigi, graduated from ACS in 2015 and my youngest son Alberto is currently in grade 9. Since I arrived in 2011, the Italian community at school has grown tremendously, and we are now over 20 families.
My name is Manuela Mezzasalma Mocci, my family and I arrived in the UK and at ACS in 2016 and this is going to be our fourth year here; we are Italian and lived in Italy for many years, but before coming to the UK we also lived in Luxembourg and years before in France.  We have two daughters, Elisa, who will start grade 10 and Giulia, joining MS in grade 5 this school year.

Together we represent Italy at ACS Cobham.

Our group organizes the International Fair for Lower and Middle School, participates in the charity fundraiser Party for the Planet, and we also use these opportunities to showcase Italian products, history and traditions. We also organize the flag raising for Italy, which this school year will be on 31 May 2019 and we coordinate the NLE program for Italian (native language enrichment).  This program is now taught by Mrs. Rita Tzortzis ( and Mrs. Giorgia Benuzzi, who will be pleased to explain the program in detail. Please, feel free to contact us or the teachers for any doubts or information.

We look forward to welcoming new Italian families at school and offer opportunities to connect with other Italian families with our coffee mornings and luncheons throughout the year.

Benvenuti! Siamo Cristina e Manuela ed insieme rappresentiamo l’Italia ad ACS Cobham. 

Coordiniamo la partecipazione dell’Italia ai principali eventi organizzati dalla scuola: International fair (gennaio) e Party for the planet (maggio). Inoltre organizziamo i corsi di italiano che si inseriscono nel programma di NLE. Saremo felici di darvi il benvenuto e facilitare la vostra integrazione nella comunità internazionale ed italiana di ACS. 

Potete contattarci alla mail sotto indicata.