Maloka Sinha
Pooja Mittal


I am Maloka Sinha, mom to Aryan( grade 10) and Anwita ( grade 5). We moved from Singapore in 2018 and decided stay in Cobham, close to ACS. I am excited to be a part of this enthusiastic group of people and represent the South Asian community at ACS!

I am Pooja, a full time mom to Ahaan (G5) and Araia (EC), and married to Rajat (fantastic Dad and a Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager by profession). Rajat and I moved to the UK from India 17 years ago. We live in Coombe, near Wimbledon, a short drive away from Cobham. This is our second year at ACS. Our family is happily settled and very grateful to be part of this thriving, supportive and friendly community!

We forward to seeing you soon enough; to continue with our gupshups, pot luck lunches, saree drapings, bangles & dress up at Int’l Day, Diwali dinners, Bollywood screenings, long walks, a game of badminton, or meeting over cups of chaai and clicking away in full ethnic fervour for no reason other than celebrating a great group of friends! Here is to another academic year and more chin-ups as we navigate the challenging 2020 world together. Hopefully see all soon!