This project was started to discuss the many informal whatsapps groups that formed at ACS Cobham.

Parents, teachers & relevant staff members of ACS Cobham – contact your PSO Grade Liaison for the link to join the Official PSO Divisional WhatsApp!

There are many informal whatsapp groups that have sprung up at ACS Cobham – class level, grade level, sports, performing arts, music, service projects, extra curriculars, IB, AP, country groups, trips, events, etc.  These chat groups have become a lifeline of communication for the parent community, particularly in 2019/2020 and 2020/21 during Covid. 

PSO Cobham has clearly stated it does not control these groups.  However, in the past, the PSO has also used these whatsapp groups to forward and post school and PSO announcements. Therefore, as the PSO, we are now writing to clear up any confusion in terms of who owns and manages the various whatsapp ACS Cobham groups. 

To be very clear about which groups PSO Cobham is responsible for, we have decided to create 4 divisional groups that will be administered by the PSO Grade Liaisons. These groups will be limited to announcements of official school and PSO events.  This change will be effective from 28 April 2021.

The table below gives guidance as to the purpose of each whatsapp group and who owns and manages it:

Group Official PSO Cobham Divisional Groups Other ACS Cobham School Community Groups
Administrator PSO Grade Liaisons in each  Division –EC, LS, MS, HS Any parent may start a whatsapp group to help meet their needs or aid communication between a group of parents and/or staff member(s)
Type of Group * Only the administrator can make posts to “push” information out to parents

* Group members will not be able to post in the group

* Group members are encouraged to email the  grade liaison directly with questions or concerns about school, school events or PSO Cobham.

The administrator who started the group decides who can post.
Who can participate? Any PSO member (parent or staff member) in the division can join the group by requesting a link from the PSO grade liaison.  Anyone the administrator adds to the group.
What if there is a concern about the content posted on the group? Contact the PSO President  Contact the Head of School
Is the PSO accountable for what is for what is posted? Yes

*Only official school & PSO announcements relevant to the division will be made through these groups.


*Please note that PSO liaisons might be part of these groups but they are there in a personal capacity only and will never forward School or PSO announcements to the group.

*PSO Cobham hopes these groups are a source of positive community interaction that is focused on ACS Cobham school life.

We hope this helps clear up any confusion and we thank you for your support of this approach.

Kind regards

PSO Cobham Board