Each year in February/March the Nominating Coordinator is appointed to find new board members for the PSO for the next school year. This process culminates at the AGM held in May to vote in the new Board.

Why join the Board?

The PSO Executive Committee and Subcommittees act as a direct link between parents and the school with the objective to support and enrich the student’s learning experience and encourage a strong sense of community within the school.

The PSO supports school activities and organises special events. Members of the Committee and Subcommittees have the leading knowledge of the new school initiatives, current hot topics and upcoming events at all grade levels. The Head of School regularly attends and participates in our monthly meetings, providing a direct contact for discussing key issues.

Executive Board

  • President
  • Vice President
  • IT Coordinator
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Social & Events Coordinator

School Liaisons

  • EC Liaisons
  • LS Liaisons
  • Grade 5 Liaison
  • Grade 6 Liaison
  • Grade 7 Liaison
  • Grade 8 Liaison
  • Grade 9 Liaison
  • Grade 10 Liaison
  • Grade 11 Liaison
  • Grade 12 Liaison

Other Liaisons

  • Sports Liaisons
  • Arts Liaison
  • Boarding Liaison
  • Welcome Liaisons
  • CRG Liaisons
  • Road Safety Liaison
  • Substainability Liaison
  • Development Liaison

Further information on the duties attached to these positions can be fouynd in  our bylaws in our documents cabinet or by contacting any past or current board member.

Nominating Coordinator

Johanna Svanstrom Jonung (only during the nominating season!)