In keeping with the mission statement of the PSO to provide assistance and support to ACS Cobham students and their learning, a number of years ago the PSO established the Grant Program. Members of the ACS Cobham community may apply to the Grant Program in order to receive funding for items or projects that directly benefit our students.

Key Deadlines

Please find below the key deadline dates and information regarding each deadline.

Grant Application End Date:28th October 2019

This is the date that anyone who wishes to be considered for a Grant has to submit their application form.

In order for their grant to be considered the Application Form needs to be completed in line with the Guidelines

Awards Communicated to Applicants:6th December 2019

This is the date that the PSO Treasurer will let the applicants know whether their grant has been successful and if the award is subject to any conditions.

How to Apply

If you click the button below, you will find the application form and guidelines for the Grant Programme.  Reading through these materials will help you decide if your project meets the requirements of the PSO Grant Programme and that your application includes everything the committee needs to make their decision

When you are ready to send in your application please EMAIL the application form, your written application and any supporting documents to the PSO Grant Committee Head, Deborah Morrison,  She will reply that she has received everything, if you do not receive a response please assume she has not received it!  DO NOT SEND YOUR APPLICATION IN VIA THE PSO SCHOOL LETTERBOX, WITH A SCHOOL SECRETARY OR BY POST!

Successful Applications 2018/19

  • LS – Forrest Schools – Equipment for Forrest Schools, tools and other equipment for the curriculum
  • Bike Safety Committee and Road Safety – reflective snap bands, stickers and lights will be handed out to students after different types of education in either science, educational days with a policeman and at bike safety day in all grades
  • HS – Pompoms for the HS Cheerleading Club as part of the ACS Cobham Sports Spirit Initiative. This grant was divided up in a 50%/50% contribution between PSO and the Boosters Club.



Grant Programme Budget

The PSO budget for the Grant Programme for the 2019/20 school year is £2,100.

Programme Coordinator

Deborah Morrison, PSO Treasurer