In keeping with the mission statement of the PSO to provide assistance and support to ACS Cobham students and their learning, a number of years ago the PSO established the Grant Programme. Members of the ACS Cobham community may apply to the Grant Programme in order to receive funding for items or projects that directly benefit our students.

New for the 2021/22 school year!

PSO has decided that applications for grants will be considered throughout the year.  The budget for 2021/22 is £2,100 and the monies will be allocated to approved projects on a first come first served basis.  Once all available funds have been allocated the programme will be closed for the year.

  • The intention is that Special Project Grant Programme funds be used to enhance and expand our students’ learning experiences at ACS.
  • All costs to be covered by the grant must be listed on the application form.  Any expenditure exceeding the amount approved will not be the responsibility of the PSO   or any other ACS Cobham funding source.
  • Completed applications should be returned via email to
  • Any Applications will be discussed by the PSO Executive Committee at the first monthly meeting after the application has been received. 
  • After this meeting, the Treasurer will inform the applicant whether The Executive Board are recommending to the Board that the grant be awarded, rejecting the application or whether they require further information in order to take the application forward.
  • If further information is requested then the applicant will need to resubmit their application covering the points that were raised by the Executive.
  • The successful applicant(s) will be recommended at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee, using specific evaluation criteria as noted on the application form.
  • The Committee’s grant recipient recommendations will then be submitted to the PSO Board for final approval.
  • The grant is only awarded once the PSO Treasurer has informed the applicant that their request for funds has been approved.
  • Grant payments are released only upon receipt of an invoice.  Grant recipients are responsible for implementing and managing their grants, including all paperwork, cheque requests and communicating with vendors.
  • All approved grants need to be claimed by the end of the semester in which the grant was applied for. Any unclaimed or unused grants will be returned to the Grant Programme and used for future grants.

How to Apply

If you click the button below, you will find the application form and guidelines for the Grant Programme.  Reading through these materials will help you decide if your project meets the requirements of the PSO Grant Programme and that your application includes everything the committee needs to make their decision.


If you have any questions regarding the application guidelines above, or the Grant Programme in general, please contact, PSO Treasurer at

Programme Coordinator

Natashia Nauckhoff, PSO Vice President