Do your summer plans include an extraordinary adventure to broaden your horizons and give you invaluable experience? Whether you are planning a summer college course, an outward-bound stay, or any other special experience, we would like to help those plans materialise.  This year we are also considering online courses or experiences.  

If you are a student currently in Grade 9, 10 or 11 and have not won this scholarship previously then you could win one of three (3) scholarships worth £600 each or three (3) scholarships worth £300 each.

How to Apply

Before starting your application please take the time to read the “EYH Scholarship Student and Parent Guidelines 2021” (click the document file below) to ensure you meet the criteria and provide all the information needed!

Please print a copy of the “EYH Applications Form 2021” (click the document file below) – both the student and a parent must sign this form before it is scanned and sent in with the rest of the application.

For more information about the scholarship programme please contact the Scholarship Committee Chair, Dema Tabbalat Kamal

Key Deadlines

5 February 2021 – Scholarship Programme for Summer 2021 start to accept applications

19 March 2021 – Applications & References are due!

29 April 2021 – All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application

30 April 2021 – PSO newsletter announcement of successful scholarship applications

31 August 2021 – Last submission date with invoices for scholarship payments

Programme Coordinator

Dema Tabbalat Kamal