Every group has it’s own set of words and meanings and ACS Cobham is no different – but it can be confusing when you start at the school to understand what some of the acronyms mean! Hopefully this page can be your cheatsheet to give some definitions to acronyms and short hand language that is used around the school!


PSO – Parent School Organisation – is a voluntary organisation set up by parents and acts as an important link between the school and parents.

CRG – Country Representation Group – is a voluntary organisation set up by parents, through the PSO, and acts as an important link between the school and parents regarding their national country.

ICS – Ice Cream Social – is a welcome back to school event serving ice cream and offering some entertainment for the children.  It takes place on a Sunday afternoon near the beginning of the school year and is aimed at new families but all are welcome.

ToT – Trunk or Treat – is a Halloween event where families decorate cars and candy/sweets are given out to the children.  It takes place on campus in the evening in late October and is a really fun event.

PFTP – Party for the Planet – is a school fundraising party or family fun day for the whole community.  It takes place on the third Sunday in May and the money raised goes to numerous charities.

Staff Appreciation – is a lunch organised by the PSO for staff to enjoy during their lunch break on a given working school day in the year. It takes place ONCE a year.

International Fair – is a fair where each nationality at the school hosts a table to show the cultural diversity of their country including food, traditions, games etc. and takes place during the school day. Parents from the PSO CRG group help the school with this event.

PSO Grade level liaison – this is a voluntary position taken up by parents to help communicate relevant grade level information from the teachers to other parents with students in that grade.

LS Home Room coordinator –  this is a voluntary position taken up by parents to help communicate relevant class-level information from the teacher to the other parents in that class.


ILC – Interactive Learning Center – is a theatre style meeting room on the basement level of the HS and MS with video link up facilities.

PAC – Performing Arts Center – is the building with theatre, classrooms and music practice rooms.

Marble Hallway – stone floored area between Middle School and High School.
Glass Corridor – window lined hallway between Admissions/Gymnasium and the Cafeteria.

Black Gates – are the set of gates near Early Childhood where parents meet their children after school beside the wooden gazebo.

Fountain – is the statue (that used to be a fountain!) in the middle of the school surrounded by benches.

Tom Tent – is a large tent-tipi structure used for theatrical productions, storytelling, and a range of outdoor activities and is located behind the High School building in the woods.

MUGA – Multi-use games area – is an area on the Lower School playground used for various activities and games.

T-Block – is the white U-shaped building where the Digital clock and the Digital information sign are attached.


Town Hall Meeting – is a presentation by the school – often held in the theatre – in the evening to discuss school-wide information.

Open House –  is an opportunity at the beginning of the school year for MS and HS parents to spend “a day in the life of your child” condensed into an evening.  You follow your child’s schedule and meet each of their teachers who give a brief presentation to the contents of the course.

PTC’s – Parent Teacher Conferences –  is an opportunity for parents to discuss their children’s progress with teachers.

In Service day – is a training day for staff when students are not required to attend school.

LS DUCK week – “Developing Understanding, Caring and Kindness” week – is a week-long event where students run fun activities during the school day to raise money for ACS and external charities.


EC – Early Childhood – this is the division for children from 2 to 6 years old ranging from Flopsy Bunnies (2 to 3years), Scramblers (3 to 4 years), Pre-K (4 to 5 years) to Kindergarten (5 to 6 years).

LS – Lower School – this is the division for children from 6 -10 years old ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 4.

MS – Middle School – this is the division for children from 10-14 years old ranging from Grade 5 to Grade 8.

HS – High School – this is the division for children from 14-18 years ranging from Grade 9 to Grade 12.  Sometimes the American terms for these grades are used by some parents: Grade 9 – Freshman; Grade 10 – Sophmore; Grade 11 – Junior; Grade 12 – Senior.

Home Room (MS) – (Registration) –  is where students go to register their attendance and the home room teacher is also involved in pastoral care for the students.

Advisory (HS) – this is the equivalent to “Home Room” in Middle School where attendance is taken and the teacher is involved with the pastoral care for the students.
Recess – Break time – a time when the students can go outside and play/ talk to their friends.


SC – Sports Centre

DASA – “Department of Aquatics, Sports and Activities” – is the ACS department who oversee the running of all the school sports programmes and activities.

Cougars – The Cobham Cougars is the mascot and name given to the ACS Cobham teams.

ISST championships – International Schools Sports Tournament – is a group of European-based international schools who compete against each other in regular sports tournaments.

LSSA championships – London Schools Sports Association –  is a group of London-based international schools who compete against each other in the under 16 age group.

Varsity – (V) Varsity sports teams are the highest level school teams and are predominantly made up of grade 11 and 12 students although younger high school students are allowed to try out for the team.

Junior Varsity – (JV) Junior Varsity sports teams usually include grade 9 and 10 students but at ACS can include some students from Middle School, dependent on the sport.

Booster Club – is a volunteer parent organisation formed to support the ACS Cobham Athletics program.  They raise funds through concession sales in their Sports Cafe and  Spirit-wear clothing sales.  All of the funds raised go directly to support the athletic programme and purchase  athletic equipment for our sports programmes and coaches.