Last week the PSO Board were on campus for an outside walkabout with Barny, Simon Leyshon, Mel Nicholls.  This is the first time many of us have been on campus and outside our cars in 18 months and many changes have taken place.  

Mel (Safeguarding Officer) gave us an update on the new fenced zoning that separates the more public spaces of campus (sports center, track and fields west) from spaces of campus where all adults are expected to wear a lanyard (blue – staff, yellow – parent, green – DBS’ed & vetted visitor, red – visitor who needs to be accompanied by a staff member).  This new system has been in place since August 2020 (though you might not have noticed!) and is to ensure student safety with easy identification of adults who do not belong.  Back to school in August will mean ensuring you have your yellow parent lanyard with you at all times on campus.

Barny and Simon then gave us a tour of the many outdoor learning facilities.  Some have been in place for many years (e.g. forest school) but others such as the Boarding/MS garden and outdoor music spaces are brand new.  The children have been putting in a lot of the labour with the Boarding/MS garden – clearing the space and helping to assemble and install the planting boxes, they will really “own” it.

One of the loveliest areas are the new outdoor classrooms – simple cuts of logs provide the seating but each space is on the school’s facilities booking system and teachers can easily book their class to go outside.  

Even the Jardin De Soleil beside the LS playground has had a new lease on life after a number of years of neglect – veg are planted and some of the MS/HS science classes are working on experiments in designing irrigation and best planting practices (Barny said we were lucky that the “smell” emanating from one of the experiments using kitchen food waste as starter fertiliser had finally settled down!).