Annual General Meeting

Thank you to all the parents and staff members who joined our online AGM on Wednesday.  I am happy to report that our new board for 2021/22 was elected, financial results for the fiscal year end 2019/20 and budget for 2021/22 were all unanimously voted in.  

The next few weeks is one of transition for the PSO – outgoing board members will be ensuring incoming board members understand their new roles and responsibilities and the major issues that the PSO have been working on.  

Also, significant planning is going into the start of the school year and PSO events – parent grade level & CRG country coffees for the start of the year, EC & LS after school playground playdates, and our new welcome event for 19 September 2021.  Fingers crossed restrictions will be lifted!

President Elect, Jeff Alioto

I would like to introduce Jeff Alioto, Grade 8 parent and PSO Cobham President-elect!  Jeff joined the school during the 2019/2020 school year but quickly started showing up and participating in our General Meetings and then took on the role of Grade 8 Liaison this school year.  He is super professional and we have already been working together to ensure a smooth transition.