2019 12th Grade Senior Awards

Every year the PSO recognises graduating students who have realised the ideals of education through ACS Cobham.  These awards are presented by the PSO based on recommendations by the teachers and leadership of the High School.  We are pleased to announce the following winners:

Leadership scholarship – DANIEL B.

This student has demonstrated outstanding leadership potential.  They may have started a club from scratch and built it into a successful activity, redefined a leadership role to extend or improve a current school activity, or who led other students to make a positive change in the ACS Community or beyond.

Teacher comments: Daniel’s energy and leadership skills have been demonstrated over time in activities ranging from years with the Model United Nations and Tennis as well as in the Fashion Show and as vice-president of the National Honor Society.  Daniel is not a young man to watch quietly from the sidelines, and we expect his leadership to extend internationally in future.

Challenge  scholarship – STUART G.

A student who went outside their comfort zone to try something new and difficult, or otherwise challenge themselves.  For example, someone who is very quiet but then took the risk to start speaking up in MUN club, someone who’s first language isn’t English who worked on the Yearbook, or who has never been sporty who joined the swim team.  

Teacher comments: Stuart joined the Disaster Relief Fund in Grade 9, as the sole 9th grader.  As co-leader he has helped to develop a meaningful partnership for service learning with Breaking Barriers. Having volunteered countless hours in the organisation of events, he has grown greatly in confidence and leadership skills.

Sustainability scholarship – EMMIE L.

This  student who has demonstrated significant and ongoing work towards creating a sustainable environment within and outside of ACS Cobham.  This could be by founding a new club or activity, such as leading a successful recycling drive, or working to achieve a measurable change in sustainability in the community.

Teacher comments – Emmie has expressed a strong interest in environmental issues including sustainability.  Her involvement with the Namibia project extended well beyond the year itself, as she became a trustee of the Namibia Charity

Dedication scholarship – HARRY W. & ROBERT G.

A student who showed outstanding dedication throughout HS to a club, activity, charity, subject, sport etc.  They may not necessarily have lead the club or been the star athlete but they showed up regularly, contributed thoughtfully and worked hard to improve their abilities.

Teacher comments – Two students have stood out for their dedication to their passions, Robert for his years of commitment and success in basketball and Harry for his years of continuous contributions to the musical life of ACS.

Junior/Senior scholarship – RENEE W.

A student who arrived late in HS (Junior or Senior year) who quickly acclimated to the school and made a big impact in a club, activity, charity, subject, or sport in the short amount of time they had at ACS Cobham.

Teacher comments – Renee arrived at ACS at the beginning of her Junior year. Not only did she adjust rapidly to her new school, but she has served effectively as President of the National Honor Society, leading the Society in many community events during a very successful year.

Citizenship scholarship – PIPPA G.

A student who is an effective learner, a confident individual and a caring contributor who has otherwise NOT been recognised by the ACS community for their efforts.

Teacher comments – Pippa is being recognised for her maturity, strong commitment and open-minded approach to learning.  Taking both French and Spanish at Higher Level will have prepared her well for global citizenship, as will her work with Agape, which sells snacks to raise money for charity.