Expand your Horizons Scholarship Winners 2019

PSO are very pleased to announce our Expand your Horizons Scholarship winners for 2019:

Reva G, grade 11, £450

Reva is going to India to teach primary-age students English and Maths as a part of a Child Development Volunteering Program. Reva is active in the charity Education for Madagascar at ACS, and will use her experience in India to improve hers and the charity’s efforts.

Rania H, grade 11, £450

Rania is going to do a medical internship in Tanzania. She is going with Project Abroad, which helps high school students become volunteers and gain medical experience in less fortunate areas. Rania is active within Girl Scouts and several charities at ACS. We hope her experience will enhance her contribution to these groups.

Mia L, grade 9,  £300

Mia will Internship with a criminal lawyer, giving her a 360 view of homicide investigations, work at police stations and reviewing testimonies. She is involved in MUN and the Law Society at ACS. We believe her experience will benefit both the MUN and the Law Society on her return.

Shannon M, grade 11,  £600

Shannon will be going to the Higher Life Foundation in South Africa. She will be visiting and helping in a baby orphanage, helping in a township school and spending time in the foundation’s offices to learn about running a charity. Shannon wants to use this experience to open a charity in correspondence with the Higher Life Foundation at ACS next year.

Malaika S, grade 11, £600

Malaika is going to teach English to 5-16 year-old students at a school in Bali. She is very involved in several charities at ACS as well as having started Medical Aid in Palestine, and hopes to use her experience to motivate other students help build foreign communities.

Emma T, grade 9, £300

Emma is joining the National Youth Leadership Training program as one of the first females since it opened up to girls. She is active in Scouts Venture Crew and Scout Troop 184, as well as the MS Roots & Shoots Club as a member and president. Emma hopes to bring back the leadership skills learned to schoolroom club environments, student council, continuing in Girl Up, Scouts and BSA activities.

Thank you to everyone who applied – our parent committee were so impressed with the summers that so many of our students have planned.  We know it took time and effort to put together the application and chase down the reference.  We wish everyone good luck with their endeavours!