If you have an idea for a zoom or socially distanced event that you might want to run please email the Social Coordinator: social@psocobham.org.




Message from the PSO President

August 2020

Welcome to the 2020/21 school year!  PSO Cobham organises a number of parent and student events from Welcome Back evening near the start of the school year to our annual Party for the Planet in late May.  We also work to provide a link of communication between parents and the school from the divisional and departmental level  to the top level of leadership.

The 2019/20 school year was a very stressful one for students, parents, staff and the school’s leadership with the sudden closing of the school in mid-March and rapid move to online distance learning.  This unfortunately interrupted PSO Cobham’s series of family events and we are unsure how many of these in person events will be able to go ahead in the 2020/21 school year.  Our goal is to be flexible and quick – if we can hold even a slimmed down event we will do our best but first we need to ensure the safety of the school community and follow government guidelines.

From a communication point of view, the lockdown provided PSO Cobham with a sudden introduction to video conferencing – it was everything we thought it wasn’t – cheap and easy!  And one of the greatest things was it really allowed more of our parent community to join in our meetings – we are an international school and even in regular times have parents who live all over the world.  While we hope to host some in person PSO meetings during the school year, I also anticipate hosting a few of our general meetings online to capture a wider audience.

I encourage all parents to do 2 things at the start of school:

  1. Know how to log into PS Learning and read the weekly newsletters from head of school, your divisional principal(s) and the PSO which come out each Friday.
  2. If you are on FB, join both the “ACS Cobham PSO” and “ACS Cobham current parents” FB groups.  ACS Cobham PSO group mostly pushes information out to parents about PSO events and other important school news.  ACS Cobham current parents group is more informal with parents posting questions and other information about the school.

I look forward to meeting many of you this year – whether in person or via Zoom!


Tracey Good, PSO President



Join the PSO closed Facebook group and have information about PSO Events and PSO Reminders delivered to your Facebook feed!!   Open to all parents, staff and students – ACS Cobham PSO.

Want to receive emails from the PSO?  You must approve this when you register your students in Forms Online…..if you said no you can always change this!  Our Grade Liaisons like to keep in touch with the families in their grade and our CRG Liaisons like to keep in touch with Country families.


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